2016 Endorsements Quotes & Supporters

“Geraldine’s intelligence, integrity, and concern for the community of Santa Fe are important qualities that she has brought to the position of County Clerk.”–Margo Chavez- Charles


“I worked with Geraldine at the county clerk’s office for several years. She is dedicated, works incredibly hard and has an honorable character. All the citizens of Santa Fe County can be assured that her integrity, competence, honesty and knowledge of the office, make her the best choice for County Clerk. I heartily endorse her! –Denise Lamb, Retired, Former State and County Election Director


“I have known Geri for 42 years. She is dependable, congenial, honorable and hardworking. She will continue to be a great Santa Fe County Clerk!”–Flora Leyba


“For four years, Salazar has managed the office—waiting for court direction before issuing same-sex marriage licenses, quietly working to raise wages for her lowest-paid employees and wisely making sure the internet actually works before taking convenience center voting to all corners of the county. She is thoughtful and deliberate in her decision-making.


The New Mexican endorses Geraldine Salazar for a second term as county clerk.”-Santa Fe New Mexican, May 23, 2016


In her first four-year term, Salazar has shown herself to be a professional chief for this office that’s in charge of elections, marriage licenses and property records. She got the most attention during the turbulent several weeks when New Mexico moved toward legalization of same-sex marriages. Salazar took the position of waiting for a judge to clarify what that the state law called for, then immediately began issuing licenses to gay couples. The clerk’s office operates best when it stays out of politics and Salazar has stayed on the path of doing the public’s business without a partisan bent.”-Albuquerque Journal North, May 27, 2016


“Geraldine Salazar, the incumbent, as the Santa Fe County Clerk has proven herself with experience and dedication to improve local elections and has furthered the office’s commitment to transparency. Vote Geraldine Salazar.”-Eddie Nuñez


Geraldine is an honest public service representative . . .–Lisa Law


“I endorse Geraldine Salazar for Santa Fe County Clerk!”–Kim Udall


“I am honored to publicly endorse Geraldine Salazar.  The County Clerk position is one that requires experience, integrity and competency. Geraldine’s public service spans over 34 years and this kind of experience cannot be underestimated. Voters of Santa Fe County your voice in this election will say, “We want to ensure that we have a competent and knowledgeable person at the helm of this important position and won’t settle for less.”–Rosemary Romero


Geraldine Salazar has done a super job as County Clerk and we are lucky to have the chance to keep her working for us!!”-John Reeder


“Geri brings a deep commitment and long history of service in Santa Fe to her role as Santa Fe County Clerk. She leads a professional office committed to reaching all members of the community. Her honesty, integrity and knowledge are a valuable asset to the county.”-Elizabeth Gutierrez


Geraldine is a fearless advocate for justice and a lifelong campaigner for women’s rights. She has been an extraordinary County Clerk and will be even better in her second term.”-Janet Gotkin


“Competent and service oriented.”-Sheila Brown


“Geraldine has done a good job of keeping the clerk’s office organized and oriented toward constituent service. I particularly like the fact that she doesn’t promise what she can’t deliver; she is not going to ignore state law but she is going to work with her fellow clerks to get state law changed when it is inefficient or no longer appropriate.” Karen Heldmeyer


“Great Clerk!”-State Representative Jim Trujillo


“Honest and true to her word. Mentor to all young adults.”-Nina Armijo


“I previously worked with Geraldine and her family on a Christmas tree for Catholic Charities where we painted and donated 80 miniature retablo ornaments. It was a lot of work but she made it fun and efficient.”-José Armijo


Supported By: Plumbers & Steamfitters Local No. 412 Union, May 4, 2016.


“Petty politics is no issue for Geraldine.”-Patrick Madden


It is with great pleasure that I announce that the Northern New Mexico Central Labor Council has formally endorsed you . . . Thank you for all the hard work and good luck with your campaign. We will work hard to keep you in office. –Tirzio Lopez, President


“I endorse Geraldine Salazar’s re-election for Santa Fe County Clerk”– Lilly Ledbetter, Women’s equality activist, Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act


Knowing Geri for many years with involvement in women’s issues, I highly and happily endorse her in her re-election. We are so lucky to have her as County Clerk.”-Dana Middleton


“Geraldine is a knowledgeable and effective County Clerk, and a candidate to be County Clerk again. We need honest and communicative people in office who are approachable. Thanks for all your hard work.” –Page Press


“A very qualified and strong County Clerk.”-Jay Trujillo 


“Geraldine Salazar brings integrity, responsibility and leadership to her work and the Office of County Clerk.” – Annabelle Romero


“Re-Elect Geraldine Salazar A Proven Leader.” –Rebecca Bustamante


“Geraldine has been an outstanding County Clerk. She is extremely professional in all that she does. Geraldine has shown the utmost of integrity, character and honesty in all that she has done. I know the job is done correctly when Geraldine is at the helm.” –Rainy Upton


“Geraldine Puts The Unity In Our Community.”-Samsunshine Levy


“Ethical, professional and GREAT CLERK!”-Jeff Trujillo



Letters to the editor, May 27, 2016

Supporting Geraldine Salazar

I support the re-election of Geraldine Salazar as Santa Fe County clerk. One way to judge whether someone is doing a good job is to observe how well her staff members perform theirs. Over the past several years, when I have had business in the County Clerk’s Office, I’ve always received good and friendly service. I’ve also had a chance to see how the employees there deal with other members of the public. I’ve been particularly impressed by how warm and supportive the staff have been to young people seeking marriage licenses or asking for other assistance. This suggests to me that Ms. Salazar has directed her staff to be both cordial and helpful in dealing with the public, so that a visit to the clerk’s office is a pleasant, rather than an indifferent bureaucratic experience. From what I can see, Ms. Salazar is doing an excellent job as our county clerk. She will have my vote on June 7.

Dave Davenport Jr.

Santa Fe”

Santa Fe New Mexican, May 27, 2016



2016 Supporters:

Esther Artino

Aja Brooks

Bruce Cottrell

Sean Cunniff

Christina Esquibel

Jerome Garcia

Kristina Martinez

Cheryl Pick Sommer

Leonora Trujillo

Tom Trujillo