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The Santa Fe New Mexican, Letter to the Editor, March 16, 2024

Welcome back

Thanks to Geraldine Salazar for agreeing to come out of retirement to run again for Santa Fe County clerk. She was excellent at that position previously. Since her departure, the clerk’s office has been very unresponsive to the needs of the citizens of Santa Fe, including the title companies that use these services daily. The current clerk has closed the office for days at a time, often without notice, jeopardizing the ability of Santa Feans to close real estate transactions. The clerk has also changed some of the indexing methods, making the public records obscure and difficult to search. Access to some older records may be threatened forever. Admittedly, there have been technological improvements in some areas, but that does not outweigh the loss of morale, lack of customer service and phone responsiveness (including the clerk herself), delays in document recording and lack of trained staff. Run, Geraldine, run!

Steve Riemann


Santa Fe Title Co.

Santa Fe