2012 Endorsements

“We are pleased to endorse Geraldine Salazar for Santa Fe County Clerk.  It’s wonderful when someone you know and admire for their integrity, strong work ethic, demonstrated competence and excellent judgment runs for an important office like County Clerk, and you can wholeheartedly give an endorsement.  Join us, and VOTE FOR GERALDINE!” – John Curl & Karen Armitage

“…Geraldine Salazar, the public information coordinator for the Santa Fe County Clerk’s office, has both the experience and dedication to continue to improve local elections. In her current position, Salazar has effectively kept the public informed and has furthered the office’s commitment to transparency. As clerk, we believe she will continue to push the county forward in terms of both effectiveness and openness.” – Santa Fe Reporter

“I endorse Geraldine Salazar for Santa Fe County Clerk!” – Kim Udall

“Geraldine…we definitely need a person like you as county clerk.  Someone with confidence, sincerity, intelligence and a great personality!  That is definitely you.  I sure hope you win.  Good luck!  You have my vote!!!” – Melissa Ramirez Salazar

“I am supporting Geraldine, and I know she will be an excellent and hard-working County Clerk.” – MacDonnell Gordon

“Salazar also has long experience in both nonprofit and private employment. She knows her way around the county clerk’s office too, having worked there for the last four years…She comes off as competent, fair and considerate. Santa Fe residents will be well served with Salazar as clerk.” – Albuquerque Journal North

“Geraldine Salazar is the best candidate running for Santa Fe County clerk because of her temperament, experience and knowledge…Because the Clerk’s Office runs the election, it is essential that the person running the elections be perceived as fair and balanced. For county clerk, The New Mexican endorses Geraldine Salazar.” – Santa Fe New Mexican

“Geri has every possible qualification to be an outstanding, progressive, honest and conscientious County Clerk.  The entire county would be the beneficiaries of her election” – Barbara F. Goldman, PhD.

“We have known Geri for 38 years.  She is dependable, congenial, honorable and hardworking.  She will be a great Santa Fe County Clerk!” – Flora & Walter Leyba

“With Geraldine’s experience working in the Clerk’s Office she understands how this office works and she will bring energy devoted to public service and the intelligence to manage this public office.” – James Campbell Caruso

“Geraldine’s intelligence, her integrity, and her concern for the community of Santa Fe are important qualities that she will bring to the position of County Clerk.” – Margo Chavez- Charles

“We support Geri for County Clerk! She is sincere, honest and helps the people.” – Larry Ulibarri & Christi Salazar Ulibarri

Lilly Ledbetter, Photo by Anna Hansen

Lilly Ledbetter, Photo by Anna Hansen

“I endorse Geraldine Salazar for Santa Fe County Clerk”– Lilly Ledbetter, Women’s equality activist, Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act

“Geraldine is a strong and principled woman.” – John Reeder

“Geri is qualified and prepared to be the next Santa Fe County Clerk” – State Representative Jim Trujillo

“I have known Geraldine to be a very hard worker and performs with integrity and competence – traits that will serve Santa Fe County well” – Lorin Abbey

“I am endorsing Geraldine Salazar for County Clerk in this upcoming election.  I have gotten to know Geraldine and I find her to be HONEST, HARDWORKING and highly intelligent.  She has the integrity, character and the maturity to assure us that we will have our votes counted fairly and honestly.” – Rainy Upton

“Geri is honest, trustworthy, loyal and a worker for the people.  She is the best person for Santa Fe County Clerk” – Rosario C. de Baca

“I am honored to publicly endorse Geraldine Salazar.  The County Clerk position is one that requires experience, integrity and competency. Geraldine’s public service spans over 30 years and this kind of experience cannot be underestimated.

Voters of Santa Fe County your voice in this election will say, “We want to ensure that we have a competent and knowledgeable person at the helm of this important position and won’t settle for less.”  – Rosemary Romero

“I endorse Geri for County Clerk.  She is honest, smart and hardworking. ”                             – Tim Lenihan

“Geri is a life long worker for the people; she has a solid reputation for honesty, integrity, fairness and hard work.” – Vincent C. de Baca, Ph.D.