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County Dems Move Forward

Those Nominated Face No Opposition

By Kiera Hay
Journal Staff Writer


“Geraldine Salazar took the nomination for county clerk in a four-way race…Salazar, the clerk office’s public records liaison, handily won a promotion with 46.4 percent of the vote.”

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Salazar wins county clerk job

Phaedra Haywood | The New Mexican
Posted: Tuesday, June 05, 2012

“Santa Fe County Clerk’s Office employee Geraldine Salazar appears to have emerged victorious in the contentious race to replace term-limited County Clerk Valerie Espinoza…Salazar, 58, who has a bachelor’s degree in sociology, works as a public information coordinator for the office she apparently will take over next year. No Republican candidate is seeking the office”–Varela-seizes-treasurer

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Once again, endorsements – Santa Fe New Mexican

The New Mexican
Posted: Saturday, June 02, 2012

“County clerk: Geraldine Salazar has experience in the Clerk’s Office, in budgeting and in managing people, which make her qualified for this position.”–endorsements

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County Clerk’s Race Draws Crowd Candidates offer new ideas, experience working in office – Albuquerque Journal North


By Bill Rodgers
Journal Staff Writer

“Salazar began working at the office as a recording clerk assisting customers with research and helping the Board of Elections. The following year she took over as the records request liaison and public information coordinator. Her duties in that position included grant writing, management and providing records.

Salazar says she’s a firm believer in government transparency and practices it in her current job “on a daily basis” — she says she quickly responds to requests for public information.”

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Santa Fe Reporter Endorses Geraldine Salazar for Santa Fe County Clerk

“…Geraldine Salazar, the public information coordinator for the Santa Fe County Clerk’s office, has both the experience and dedication to continue to improve local elections. In her current position, Salazar has effectively kept the public informed and has furthered the office’s commitment to transparency. As clerk, we believe she will continue to push the county forward in terms of both effectiveness and openness.”

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Geraldine Salazar endorsed by Albuquerque Journal

County Clerk: Geraldine Salazar

Salazar also has long experience in both nonprofit and private employment. She knows her way around the county clerk’s office too, having worked there for the last four years. She’s learned the basics in an office where her duties will range from supervising elections to issuing marriage licenses and recording property deeds, all the while making sure that the public fully understands what is going on. She comes off as competent, fair and considerate. Santa Fe residents will be well served with Salazar as clerk.

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Geraldine Salazar Endorsed by Santa Fe New Mexican

Our endorsements for county offices

The New Mexican
Posted: Monday, May 21, 2012

County clerk: Salazar

Geraldine Salazar is the best candidate running for Santa Fe County clerk because of her temperament, experience and knowledge.

Salazar, who has worked in the health industry at the  then-Santa Fe Rape Crisis Center, and later as a real estate agent, came to the clerk’s office four years ago. She serves as public records custodian and assists in outreach to the media. Inside the office, she has learned the nuts-and-bolts of running elections — the clerk’s most essential job — but also has had to deal with the public and with the businesses that need to register deeds and the individuals who are applying for wedding licenses. Her experience at the health department in managing budgets gives her a crucial advantage in stepping into the job once elected.

Best of all, Salazar believes in running the office as a team — asking for advice, listening and considering all views. She is a registered Democrat, but does not come to the race from party politics, giving her a more bipartisan sheen than some of her opponents. Because the Clerk’s Office runs the election, it is essential that the person running the elections be perceived as fair and balanced. For county clerk, The New Mexican endorses Geraldine Salazar.

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3 compete for county clerk job

Phaedra Haywood | The New Mexican
Posted: Sunday, May 13, 2012 – 5/14/12

The Santa Fe County clerk is responsible for maintaining various county records and overseeing elections.

Four candidates are seeking the $65,500-a-year post being vacated by Valerie Espinoza, who can’t run again because of term limits.

One of them, Gilbert Garcia, appears to have stopped campaigning. Garcia hasn’t participated in forums, hasn’t filed a required campaign-finance report and didn’t show up for a scheduled appointment for a newspaper interview. But his name will still appear on the ballot.

The other three candidates include current Clerk’s Office employee Geraldine Salazar, Democratic Party organizer Tara Lujan and veteran political candidate Letitia Montoya….

Geraldine Salazar

Salazar arguably has the most varied professional experience. The County Clerk’s Office employee has a résumé that includes work as a division director at the state Department of Health, an outreach coordinator at a rape crisis center and a “team leader” at Whole Foods.

Initial reports show she has outspent her opponents almost 10-to-1, focusing heavily on print advertising to get the word out to county voters. Almost all of her campaign funds come from a $17,000 loan she made to her campaign.

Salazar has won the allegiance of at least some of her co-workers in the office, several of whom attended a Democratic Party forum to support her. Her boss, outgoing clerk Valerie Espinoza, donated $100 to her campaign.

Salazar said in a written statement that her “professional skills in management, budget, procurement, grant writing, training, public relations and expertise in handling complex issues” are the skills that will make her a good county clerk.

“My goals are to improve voter participation, ensure that public records will be maintained accurately and guarantee fair, efficient and secure elections on secret ballots,” she wrote.

Salazar said she opposes a requirement to present identification when voting and would support legislation to allow same-day registration for voters…


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PRESS RELEASE:  April 24, 2012


I am committed to excellent customer service in the Santa Fe County Clerk’s Office.  My goals are to improve voter participation, to ensure that public records will be maintained accurately, and to guarantee fair, efficient and secure elections on secret ballots.  I will work with the staff of the Clerk’s Office to build on past success and continuously seek improvements that will benefit the public.  I will solicit community advice on the Clerk’s Office to identify areas for improvement.  Finally, I will actively monitor and participate in state and national professional organizations for county clerks to stay current with research, technology and innovations that may be useful to Santa Fe County.

I know the policies, functions and responsibilities of the Clerk’s Office.  I will preserve the public’s trust in local government, and I am prepared with my experience to lead and manage this office the first day on the job.

The Clerk’s profession requires integrity, accuracy and managerial competence.  Voters want experienced qualified candidates.  I have professional skills in management, budget, procurement, grant writing, training and public relations.  I will utilize my expertise to manage the Clerk’s Office and develop voter outreach and education programs to improve voter participation.

In that light, I Geraldine Salazar, a “Uniquely Qualified Employee of the Santa Fe County Clerk’s Office” and candidate for Santa Fe County Clerk, would like voters to know that I am on full-time leave without pay from my duties at the Clerk’s Office, actively campaigning and working towards achieving my goal to win the election on June 5, 2012.

I have prepared myself as a candidate and received direction from county administrators on the requirements of a county employee running for elective office.  I am excited about campaigning full-time for the 2012 Primary Election.

In speaking with voters, I have listened to the concerns of the public and how disgusted they are with politicians and their repeated abuse of power and public funds.  I promise to be accountable in order to maintain the public’s trust in government by always remembering that I serve the interest of the public and not my own personal interest.  I am a firm believer of government transparency and I practice transparency on a daily basis when working as the Clerk’s Office Public Records & Information Request Liaison.  I will have an open door policy when serving the public to ensure public access and accountability.

I am a professional with a strong ethical character. I believe that the Clerk’s Office requires a leader with the highest standard of ethical behavior.  For me the public’s interest is paramount in the duties of this office and I understand the importance to work side-by-side with all county officials to guarantee that the office is managerially and financially sound and without risk of liabilities.

I am a trustworthy public employee: I am willing to serve both the public and Clerk’s staff with respect and professionalism.  I am a voice of reason with considerable knowledge and skills to be the next Santa Fe County Clerk.

When elected I intend to work with Clerk’s staff to evaluate the administrative functions of the Clerk’s Office to plan for the next four years.  I will not walk in to the Clerk’s Office with a “Grand Vision” or a personal agenda.  We will work together on a “Vision” for the office that is based on the needs of the community.  My years of experience and dedication to public service have taught me that a model of inclusion rather than exclusion is in the best interest of the public, the staff and local government.  I believe that any “Vision” requires teamwork and the expertise of the professionals that work in the office.

Voter outreach and education will include community forums to discuss the importance of voting in a free society with open discussion of the needs of the community regarding voter participation and record keeping.  I will continue the school education program that the Bureau of Elections provides to teach children how to run an election.

Please vote for me, Geraldine Salazar, candidate for Santa Fe County Clerk: let’s win this election together on June 5, 2012.  I will work for you and the public trust.

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