Geraldine Salazar served as the Santa Fe County Clerk from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2020.

She is a former Division Director for the New Mexico Department of Health.  Geraldine’s responsibility included overseeing an 18 million dollar budget and was accountable to State and Federal laws in managing these funds.

She worked with the Santa Fe Rape Crisis Center as the Outreach Coordinator and recruited, trained and supervised volunteers for the 24 hour crisis line; coordinated the annual Take Back the Night march and rally and developed, implemented and managed the innovative SafeKids program. She was recognized by her peers as “Ten Who Made a Difference in Santa Fe” in 1991 for the work she performed while employed at the Santa Fe Rape Crisis Center.  Geraldine is a former National Board Member of the National Organization for Women. Geraldine’s experience as a teenage activist in her community inspired her to pursue a life of public service.

She is the former Director of the Pojoaque Pueblo Early Childhood Center.  Geraldine has experience working in the non-profit and private industry and as a former Licensed Real Estate Broker.

Geraldine attended the University of California at San Diego and graduated from the College of Santa Fe on a full scholarship from the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce with an A.A. degree in Community Social Services in 1975.  She graduated from the University of New Mexico with a B.A. in Sociology in 1985.

She brings years of experience in public service.  Geraldine will continue to have an open door policy when serving the public.  She is dedicated to continuing the excellent customer service the Santa Fe County Clerk’s Office was known for during her administration.

After all of the campaigning is over, the fact remains that when re-elected Santa Fe County Clerk, Geraldine will continue to manage this government office in the best interest of the public.  Geraldine is uniquely qualified to once again be your County Clerk. She has the expertise to manage and lead this government office for the next four years.

She respectfully requests your endorsement, support, and vote in the 2024 Primary Election during Early Voting May 7, 2024-June 1, 2024 or on Election Day, Tuesday, June 4, 2024, for re-election. Thank you for your consideration!