April 10, 2024

I am committed to prioritizing customer service in the Santa Fe County Clerk’s Office.  My goals are to improve voter participation, to ensure that public records will be maintained accurately, and to guarantee fair, efficient and secure elections on secret ballots.  I will work with the staff of the Clerk’s Office to build on past success and continuously seek improvements that will benefit the public.  I will solicit community advice on the Clerk’s Office to identify areas for improvement.  Finally, I will actively monitor and participate in state and national professional organizations for county clerks to stay current with research, technology and innovations that may be useful to Santa Fe County.

I know the policies, functions and responsibilities of the Clerk’s Office.  I will preserve the public’s trust in local government, and I am prepared with my experience to lead and manage this office the first day on the job.

The Clerk’s profession requires integrity, accuracy and managerial competence.  Voters want experienced qualified candidates.  I have professional skills in management, budget, procurement, outreach, grant writing, training and public relations.  I will utilize my expertise to manage the Clerk’s Office, voter outreach and education programs to improve voter participation.

In speaking with voters, I have listened to the concerns of the public and how disgusted they are with politicians and their repeated abuse of power and public funds.  I promise to be accountable in order to maintain the public’s trust in government by always remembering that I serve the interest of the public and not my own personal interest.  I am a firm believer of government transparency and I practiced transparency on a daily basis when working as the Clerk’s Office Public Records & Information Request Liaison.  I will have an open door policy when serving the public to ensure public access and accountability.

I am a professional with a strong ethical character. I believe that the Clerk’s Office requires a leader with the highest standard of ethical behavior.  For me the public’s interest is paramount in the duties of this office and I understand the importance to work side-by-side with all county officials to guarantee that the office is managerially and financially sound and without risk of liabilities.

I am a trustworthy public employee: I am willing to serve both the public and Clerk’s staff with respect and professionalism.  I am a voice of reason with considerable knowledge and skills to be the next Santa Fe County Clerk.

When elected I intend to work with Clerk’s staff to evaluate the administrative functions of the Clerk’s Office to plan for the next four years.  I will not walk in to the Clerk’s Office with a “Grand Vision” or a personal agenda.  We will work together on a “Vision” for the office that is based on the needs of the community.  My years of experience and dedication to public service have taught me that a model of inclusion rather than exclusion is in the best interest of the public, the staff and local government.  I believe that any “Vision” requires teamwork and the expertise of the professionals that work in the office.

Voter outreach and education will include community forums to discuss the importance of voting in a free society with open discussion of the needs of the community regarding voter participation and record keeping.  I will continue the school education program that the Bureau of Elections provides to teach children how to vote and run an election.

Please vote to re-elect me for Santa Fe County Clerk once again: let’s win this election together! Vote Geraldine Salazar in the 2024 Primary for re-election during Early Voting from May, 7, 2024-June 1, 2024, or on Election Day, Tuesday, June 4, 2024.

Updated April 18, 2024

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