County election forum draws sparse turnout

Phaedra Haywood | The New Mexican
Posted: Wednesday, March 28, 2012

“…Salazar highlighted her experience working with million-dollar state budgets and nonprofits and the knowledge about the County Clerk’s Office she has gleaned while being an employee there.

Both candidates expressed a goal to provide customer service, preserve public records and see that elections run smoothly.

But they didn’t agree on everything.

For example, Lujan said she would be in favor of hiring additional staff to help run elections. Salazar was adamant that current staffing was adequate.

“If we had more elections staff that may be too much,” Salazar said. “It would be a waste of public funds. The way we run our organization, we are a team. We are all cross-trained.”

“I disagree,” Lujan said. “Taking employees away from their jobs to do something else takes away from customer service. If we can do something to make the elections run more smoothly, we will.”

Lujan also expressed a willingness to contract out certain tasks, while Salazar said she would not hire private contractors to do government work…

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